Familiar with Golf Stick Type

Each sport has its own charm for his fans, golf is no exception. Many people say that this sport requires a large capital to buy the equipment alone. For a set of golf equipment containing 14 sticks or club about 25 million worth. Then what kind of golf stick and its usefulness. Wood is a golf club used for the farthest distance (from 200 to 350 yards). Formerly the head of this club really uses wood as the name suggests, but as the development of this sport, the materials used now from metal, titanium and other metals. The club heads are big and round, with a flat base to hit the ball sped onto the ground. Driver or Wood-1 is used for the furthest blow, while wood-3 or wood-5 is made for the ball to fall into the fairway area. Are you looking for the best wooden golf sticks? You can visit best fairway woods.

Iron has club heads made of metal and is usually worn by the golfer when their ball is less than 200 yards from the green. With the numbers 1 to 9, the iron has a degree slope greater than wood, with iron-9 the greatest degree of slope. Iron 1,2 and 3 are called long irons and the degree of inclination is small which makes the ball sped farthest. Iron 4.5 and 6 are called middle irons and are used when the ball is struck for a distance of about 150-170 yards from the hole. Shorter irons (7,8 and 9) to make the ball bolt into the air. Normally for the golfer, inside the golf bag, there are iron-3 to iron-9 only.