The reasons for why getting a US visa is so hard

Visiting the United States of America as a tourist could be one of the best ideas for your long vacation trips, whether with a family or a friend. The country of Uncle Sam provides you with a lot of famous tourist destinations such as the Hollywood, Las Vegas, Grand Canyon, Miami Beaches, the national parks, mountains, and much more. However, there are a lot of people who complained the difficulty level of making a Visa to enter the United States, even as a tourist. This happens due to several reasons that made the US government make the visa making the process difficult and also complicated. Fortunately, one of the most reliable USA visa making website, esta visa, is willing to share with you the reasons for the difficulty to get the US visa.

Here are the reasons that made the USA government makes it difficult:

1. The high number of illegal immigrants

Every year, the border patrol officers of United States always overwhelmed by the number of the illegal immigrants who travel to the USA with so many clever and cunning methods. They’re crossing the border illegally due to various reasons such as searching a better place to live, run away their own government (convict), criminal actions (drugs, human trafficking, etc), and much more. The highest numbers of illegal immigrants are coming from the South American countries such as Mexico, Venezuela, and Colombia.

2. The USA is almost over populated

Although there are a lot of Hollywood movies that show us the amazing life in America, it’s actually pretty crowded and overpopulated, especially in the big city like New York. Even after everyone knew that this city has been more than just over populated, there are still a lot of immigrants who wanted to come to the Big Apple. Whether Illegal or Legal.

3. A lot of jobless American

Although it’s being one of the most advanced countries in the world, the USA still has a lot of jobless citizen due to various reasons. It might be one of the strongest reason of why the American government makes it difficult for many people to get the visa, in order to help the jobless citizens of America to have the better chance to get a job.