Types of Windshield Damages

A broken windshield can be an uncomfortable experience for the car owners. Not only cost of repair but also the potential injury is possible to make a serious problem for themselves. Indeed, some people get frustrated of paying the expensive bill for their windshield repairs or replacements. This would be an unwanted experience for everyone who gets their auto windshield damaged. If you are looking for the best windshield repair and replacement, you can look at this web-site.

In most case of windshield crack, there are various types of windshield cracks which are often occurred by an object that crushes the windshield such as the flying rocks on the road, whether it is the rock which falls from a huge truck or kicked by the tire of another car on the road. Here are the types of windshield cracks that mostly occurs on your car:

1.Bull-eye crack

Bull-eye crack is the most common crack caused by the rock. This is a circular crack which commonly caused as the impact of flying rock. The best repair to fix this type of crack is when you have just get the crack. The quick response will make sure that you damage will not be spread.

2.Half moon

A little bit different with the bull-eye crack, a half moon crack is a half circle crack which is caused by rounded objects. This crack seems to be bull-eye alike but with the half circle or round damage.

3.Stress crack

Different with bull-eye or half moon crack, the stress crack commonly caused by the unstable temperature. This often occurs in extreme weather and it starts at the edge of a car windshield. When the weather changes suddenly, the stress crack is more potential to happen.

If you have already known the best car, at least, you will know the factor that causes the crack on the car windshield surface which leads to giving you the best way to prevent the cracks on car windshield.