Best Drama in 2016

2016 may indeed already expired. Although life in these years has been waiting for, it could not hurt to look back briefly to watch the best films row. This time, we have summarised the row of the best drama in 2016 that required you Watch online Full Movies through our website.

– La La Land
Mia (Emma Stone) is an ambitious actress who works in a coffee shop in the area of Warner Bros. While Sebastian (Ryan Gosling) is a jazz pianist at a club that had just fired. The two met, fell in love, and the pursuit of dreams together.

– Arrival
The story itself focuses on the story of the investigation team leader Dr Louise Banks (Amy Adams) to solve the mystery of the spacecraft. The plane was allegedly not only threatens the safety of him but the salvation of mankind as a whole.

– Moonlight
In the midst of harsh environments Miami community, Chiron struggling to find herself. In three periods of time, Moonlight trying to convey a message about the uprising children who lack parental affection.