Charlize Theron plays the main female lead character, Cipher. What is he like?

After the successful Furious 7 earned 1.5 billion US dollars in April last year, now the sequel so awaited the audience. Moreover, the sequel called Fast 8ini will present Oscar-winning actress Charlize Theron as the main female villain. Composer Brian Tyler, who has worked on four Fast & Furious movies, leaked that Theron’s Cipher character will surprise the audience. Overall, Brian Tyler also argues that the Fast 8 movie is an explosion and a lot of fun. He praised the shrewdness of director F. Gary Gray in mixing action scenes, comedy, and drama. The film that had grieved the loss of Paul Walker is, in the end, rise again, and for those of you who are curious about the presence of Charlize Theron, can watch at

“Wait till you meet Cipher Theron really brought his A-class acting game into this saga and we are all grateful for that,” wrote Vin Diesel on Facebook, who also said that Cipher will make Dominic Toretto’s life with family and friends – his friend is in big trouble. Brian also praised Charlize Theron’s acting performance in turning the Cipher character in front of the camera. “He has the ability to do that, he is a fantastic actress,” Bryan said.