Tips to Make a Plan for a Simple House

A simple house is now the choice of many people. The concept of a simple home does not mean only suitable for you who do not have a lot of budgets. For those of you who also have a budget more can apply the concept of simple home architecture for your home. A simple house does not mean to make you live in a house that is very narrow and concise. Instead, you can make a good simple house like the 1.5 story house plans from the Plan Collection, for example. To make such a plan, here are some tips that can help you:

1. Calculate the number of rooms needed

Customize between family members who will later stay at home with the room. For example, if you are a couple who plans to have more children later on, you can calculate how much room space is needed for your child. The children’s rooms can be combined into 1 spacious room with bunk beds for example. Do not forget to take into account the place to study and play area for the child’s room. Next put the bathroom next to the room that can function as a child’s bathroom and for guests.

2. Provide a rather large area for the family room

In addition to the bedroom, calculate also to create a family room with a larger size. Family room can be the main room in your home that can be used to gather together after all day’s blessing. Create a comfortable and homey design. If possible make a special double ceiling height in this room so the family room looks more spacious and tall.

3. Small garden area

Whether placed in front, back or side of the house, try to provide a small field as a garden. It is not necessarily a green garden filled with plants as you can try to move to the idea of a dry garden or water park with 1 small tree in the middle. With the park, the house feels alive and cooler. Create an open garden area so that it can be seen clearly from the inside of the house. So the house also so look more spacious and relieved.