How to Build Backlinks for Off Page SEO

Simply, backlinks are links from a website page to another website; in other words, a website gives recommendations to its users to visit other websites. The purpose of building backlinks is to increase the popularity of a website page on the internet, so the website is likely to get a better position SERP (Search Engine Result Page) Google. Thus, when hiring SEO services from a provider like, for instance, you need to remember to ask for backlinks. How to build backlinks? Here are some of the ways:

Links from social media

You can use social media to build backlinks such as Google+, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, etc. Links from #media social is usually no-followed, but still, will increase the popularity of a website page.

Links from Social Bookmarking

Links from social bookmarking is no-followed and some can be followed. Optimization using social bookmarking is usually very effective for local websites, but you need to be careful because too many links from social bookmarking sites and in a short time, can be bad.