This Is Why Your Diet Fails

Are you going through a weight loss diet program but it is difficult to reach the target? Try an evaluation of your daily routine. There are some activities that make weight loss difficult. describes things that should not be done if you want to lose weight.

– Eat Many Fruits
Some women consider eating fruit alone can lose weight. But what kind of fruit do you eat? Because each fruit also has a number of different calories. For example, durian, one large piece of durian has 1000 calories which of course if excessive instead of losing weight even increases. Similarly, fruits such as avocado which also has 200 calories. Remember, fruits are just complementary foods not as an alternative means of losing weight.

– Exercise with a Hungry Stomach
It’s also important to note. Do not exercise when the stomach is hungry even if there is a myth that if exercise on an empty stomach can accelerate weight loss. In fact, your body will take energy from muscle instead of fat when exercising with a hungry stomach. If you are not accustomed to eating for exercise, try to grab a banana or snack 30 or 45 minutes before practice.